Autofonic - Funky Electro House

Coming from Uranus
This is my new track - made with MadTracker and a bunch of free instrument samples that I found online. It took a while to make as each note and sound sample has to be added to the program as text and numbers. Enjoy 8-)

More tracks available at

A progressive electronic dancey track :D

My new sounds: A shitty tune for a shitty subject. I nicked this sample from an advert on british television …

My new track: Bitches Love Laserbeams!

One Missed Call
I made this track for halloween. Its based on the spooky little ringtone in the original japanese version of the movie ‘One Missed Call’.
You can download this mp3 for free at

This is my first track using the awesome Slayer2 VSTi plugin. Its a heavy progressive electronic guitar type track. Enjoy!

Spin Cycle Satisfacion
A tune about ladies abusing washing machines!

This is my electronic version of ‘The Portal Song’ - end theme from the original Portal game :) Lots of bleeps and blips which I think suits the tune quite well. Hope you like it :D

You can download this track for free at
This tune was inspired by oldschool italian zombie movies! I tried to make it sound similar to John Carpenter’s music and the movie soundtracks by Goblin.

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